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Nerium, also known as NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment, is a new product with a supposedly breakthrough ingredient.

The nerium oleander plant, they say, is a miraculous solution to treating wrinkles and aging skin. But claiming to be the next miracle is nothing new for an age-defying skin solution. So where does Nerium stand?

The Research Behind Nerium Oleander

The main ingredient in Nerium, nerium oleander is, interestingly enough, the most poisonous of garden plants.

Exposure to nerium oleander can be toxic. In 2002 alone, there were 847 human exposures reported to U.S. poison centers. Three deaths were reported from nerium oleander between 1985 and 2005, but this was due to overuse. The FDA has determined that it is safe enough to be administered by mouth to treat cancer patients.

Fortunately, nerium oleander has a low rate of toxicity on the skin. It was used traditionally by herbalists to treat dermatitis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Today, scientists such as Dr. Robert Newman study nerium oleander’s ability to control the spreading of cancer cells. Nerium.com includes a video of Dr. Newman as a spokesperson. From what I gather from the video and the website, Nerium provided some funding for Dr. Newman’s research.

However, Dr. Newman’s research shows that nerium oleander kills cells. An ingredient like this doesn’t sound promising in treating skin.

Apparently, Nerium has conducted studies on its product with ST&T Research to prove its safety. According to these supposed studies, “there was not one instance of toxicity based on absorption.” But these studies are nowhere to be found.

Nerium Ingredients

The main ingredient that makes Nerium unique is, of course, nerium oleander. As was mentioned, it is shown to have some effect on skin healing, but can also be toxic. Without access to Nerium’s supposed studies on the product, it’s difficult to determine its safety.

Another ingredient in Nerium is aloe, a plant species that’s been used in herbal medicine since the first century AD. Its healing and soothing properties may heal wounds.

Other ingredients such as alcohols, oils, and powders are also included in Nerium. However, these ingredients are mainly included to preserve Nerium’s shelf-life and texture. The product clearly hinges on the success of the main ingredient: nerium oleander.

Nerium Results

With nerium oleander’s properties of both healing and toxicity, I was curious to see how Nerium worked on consumers.

Interestingly, consumer results ranged from good to bad to in-between. Of the 110 people who reviewed it on Amazon.com, 47 gave it 5/5 stars and 40 gave it 1/1 stars. So you can clearly see the division this product is causing.

Here’s just a sample of the reviews I found:
• 5/5 stars: littlebittypretty1: “In the first week I saw smoother and firmer skin, in the second week I felt that my skin was much softer . . . I was a skeptic and am now a full believer that this product works and works well.”
• 3/5 stars: J. Valdes-Dapena: “I saw some lines soften while the product was on my face, but not overall. I did not see any blending of skin tone, and actually had some breakouts after I started using it.”
• 1/1 stars: crystalbunny: “I expected at LEAST A SMALL CHANGE for the $100 price. Absolutely nothing! It was a complete waste of my hard-earned money and time.”

Nerium Side Effects

Some users reported side effects from using Nerium. These include:
• Itchy, puffy eyes
• Rash
• Skin breakouts
• Dry skin
• Swelling
• Acne

It’s interesting that a skin healing product would cause these side effects. Skin damage from these side effects could reverse, rather than heal, skin.

Nerium Pricing

Nerium is sold in a multi-level marketing fashion, which means you’re supposed to buy through a Nerium representative. When you do so, you can supposedly try the product risk-free for 30 days.

Based on what consumers said, they paid about $110 for a bottle, or about $80 a month if they signed up for the monthly auto-ship program. According to consumers, the monthly auto-ship is hard to get out of.

However, the product is also sold on Amazon.com and eBay.com. It’s $94.05 at Amazon and $79.50 at eBay.

This is a steep price for a skin cleanser. But it might be worth it if it actually works.

Nerium: Our Opinion

Nerium supposedly works for some users. But we don’t know how reliable these reviews are.

In any case, Nerium certainly doesn’t deserve the miracle label. Nerium oleander’s effect on skin should be more extensively studied and proven than it is, especially considering the unwanted side effects so many experienced by using Nerium.

Spending up to $110 on a solution that may or may not work—and may actually reverse skin health—doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. You’ll probably want to choose a more reliable skin product.

  • Maureen says:

    I was skeptical at first but I have to say I like it. I don’t know if I’ll keep buying it though. There has to be a drugstore product that works as well for much less. Bottom line. It does a great job at smoothing the skin and reducing small wrinkles but it’s expensive.

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